13 Days Of Halloween, Halloween Decorations! 

Hello my loves,

As I mentioned in my “Halloween Decor Haul” a couple of days back, I didn’t quite have the chance to put up all my decorations as I was super busy when that post went live. So a couple of days later (Friday 28th to be precise) when myself and my mum had a spare hour, we decided to put all the decorations up and make it look halloweeny. 

We only done a small part of my living room as I really wanted the decorations as a back drop for when I had done my baking and if I do say so myself, we done a pretty good job! 

The decorations we brought all look so cute once all together, you can tell each one is good quality and will last a good few years before needing a whole set of new ones. I’d highly recommend checking them out for next year! I’ll leave the link below to my Halloween Decor Haul so you know the places we brought them from; 


Here are some photos of the decorations we put together! They are by no means as good as others that are trending around social media but to us they look amazing as a back drop and with the decorations we had, were impressed with the end result. 

I thought I’d keep this blogpost short and sweet for today! I really hope you like my Halloween backdrop. Although parts were stressful to put up, we enjoyed the process and the outcome hugely. 

I hope your enjoying my #13DaysOfHalloween. 

Sending tons of love to you all as always, 

Elle xo 



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