2017 New Year Resolutions! 

Hello my loves, 

2016 was a whirlwind of a year, I feel like I blinked and the whole year was over. 

It was a rollercoaster of a year, there was a few low points when I genuinely didn’t think there was an turning point but thankfully there was which lead plenty of happy times which will be treasured forever.

I have decided this year I’m going to set myself a few small resolutions as for me this way works better than trying to go all out in one hit. So I thought I’d tell you my 5 main ones; 

To Be Happy & Positive 

Firstly, I want to make 2017 a year of pure happiness. I don’t want to be surrounded by any negativity wether that’s people or atmospheres, I want only positive things which will leave an impact on my life for the better. Im tired of being hurt by people so In 2017 I’m leaving those who have hurt me and the bad memories behind and looking towards the future. 

Make Memories To Treasure

Next, I want to make as many memories with my friends and family as possible. I’m tired of my illnesses holding me back from doing things so this year I’m going to put my illnesses on the side line and not allow them to ruin my plans. My illnesses unfortunately won’t ever get better so I’m going to pace myself and make sure I make memories with my friends and family which I can cherish forever. 

Raise Awareness  & Write More Blogposts

I want to do a lot more blogposts raising awareness for my illnesses. Throughout raising awareness I’ll be sharing my story bit by bit and sharing facts with you about my illnesses so you’ll get to know my life a little better. I also want to do a lot more blogposts like reviews, fashion, makeup, lifestyle, baking, photography, beauty products and lots more. I’m so excited for 2017 and making my blog bigger! I’ve also got an illness account on Instagram were I raise awareness on there too, if I don’t blog about something it will likely be on Instagram. if you’d like to know more – my account is @ellesfight 

Post More Professional Photos On Instagram

Instagram, I’ll admit Instagram is one of my all time favourite apps and I spend a lot of my spare time on it looking for inspiration and seeing people’s lives through photos! I’ve decided I’m going to post more professional photos on Instagram as I want it to be very blogified (if that makes any sense). I’ll be sharing all my makeup looks, fashion, accessories and anything that features on my blog. I may even do some videos for Instagram too. If your not following me already, my main Instagram is @elledevesonx 

Dont Put Pressure On Myself

My parents are constantly telling me to stop putting pressure on myself and I always claimed I didn’t but it wasn’t till recently I noticed I do. I put pressure on myself in everything I do wether that’s college or at home and I agree, I do need to stop as it causes me so much stress. I’m one of these people who doesn’t want to disappoint anyone, I can’t bare the thought of people being disappointed in me as it would upset me majorly. Although my family understand my circumstances and wouldn’t ever be disappointed in me it’s always playing in the back of my mind but I’ve decided this year I need to learn how to relax. I’m doing the best I can and that’s what I need to remember! 

I really hope you enjoyed today’s post, do you have any resolutions for 2017? If so let me know below, I’d love to hear them. 

I hope and pray 2017 is a good year for each and everyone of us. I hope it’s a year filled with happiness, health and memory making moments as you all deserve nothing but the best! Admittedly there will be times when you hit a low point but there’s always a way up from that, be positive and don’t let anything knock you down. Make 2017 the most enjoyable and rememable yet.

If there’s any kind of blogposts you’d like to see me write this year, please do let me know below or message me on my social media accounts! I want to make content you guys will enjoy reading.

Sending tons of love as always, 

Elle xo 



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